CHG Global Inc. owns a portfolio of brands namely World Balance, EasySoft, East Rock, FootShield, 7Soles, Sette, Shoe Hub, OneUp, and Weblife Direct Sales. Going beyond that, we operate internationally-known brands which are Base London and Popcorn General Store.

We operate over 300 retail outlets in the Philippines. We are globally present in Dubai, Singapore, Papua New Guinea, and will continue expanding our global footprint.

  • Retail Stores
  • Direct Selling
  • e-Commerce


Our story began in the 1980’s. From humble beginnings, CHG Global Inc. is now one of the leading retailers of contemporary performance and lifestyle products in the Philippines. Starting with our core brand World Balance, an active lifestyle brand that has been in the market four decades strong, we have continued to expand our portfolio of businesses and product line to serve local and global consumers.

As a company, we strive to achieve our objective to develop and offer a diversified range of products across a wide spectrum of categories and styles, while maintaining a value-for-money price point for our consumers. Innovation and evolution is at the heart of CHG’s philosophy. And our efforts are focused on working in a manner that’s consistent with our brand values.

Through strategic partnerships forged with industry’s leading brands, we are building collaborations and special collections that are aimed to offer high quality and affordable products to our customers.